Today was sugar cone day

Every year, on the 1st of September, our little town would change into a blooming birch tree framed picture book scene – with ribbons, garlands and gift filled paper cones hanging from trees and bushes and trays of special cake being passed from house to house.
For my parents, my sister and a few generations after us, 1st of September was the first day of school – celebrated in enthusiastic GDR style by young and old but mainly to make it extra special for the little ones.
I do miss the ‘sugar cones’ in this country and – luckily they have survived the fall of the wall – will follow my sisters example and import some when first born reaches that age…
If the former East was a brand, with all its negatives and impossibles, it did have one wonderful core value – children, their education and health. I like to remember that; and how lucky I was to have had the best of it, really, especially on a day like this.

My dad on the 1st September 1956…


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