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A new chapter for Standeazy

Yesterday was decision making day with the team at Standeazy. We will test the waters with an expo in the local town centre in October. It is a gamble, of course, but the expo had some great results last year and attracted the Saturday shopping trade.
I am hoping to be able to make some valuable connections with local businesses for feedback and thoughts on the promotional gift marketing. We are getting more and more interest now in Standeazy as a promotional gift item and I am concentration on this area at the moment, working with a PR consultant I met on LinkedIn (and by now in person) to get us to the PR starting line.
I knew it would be a great challenge so I really value the feedback I have been given so far regarding press release writing. I slowly understand the mistakes I’ve made and this is good work in progress. To be honest though, the press release distribution element is a mystery still.
I am researching the trade press and how to get articles published in trade magazines, but so far not anything ground breaking has come to light.
So, in a nut shell, we are making progress and look forward to an exciting Autumn period for Standeazy.


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