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A Stand for Standeazy

I am never quite sure about exhibitions but you have to try everything at least once I guess, so end of October we will attend a town centre expo to show the Standeazy phone stands and chat to local businesses and people about the stands as gifts or as corporate merchandise.
One element of design that does help with those sales are the price lists. Excel is amazing and a great tool for costings, but it does help customers to engage with the brand and products when a table is laid out within the brand guidelines and it is all visually following set rules. Branding doesn’t stop with the layout of stationery and brochures, the web and social media touch points – it runs all the way through internal communications and the ‘boring’ financial elements.
I had a look around the web but I can’t find a good collection of creative table designs (unless I am expanding this to furniture or web development tables) but I did come across this online CI portal that has a very eloquent attitude to tables.

Table guidelines
Tables within the ZF Identity Guidelines

ZF Colour Guidelines for Tables

I am trying to do some Christmas PR but magazines are swamped with eager product owners so I am not sure how successful it will be.
BUT we are getting more and more enquiries on the corporate gift front and a steady stream of consumer sales so can’t complain. I can see a new photo shoot coming along for the Autumn and Festive Season. We did take some in situ shots in a pub showing a toddler watching a video using the stand for an iPhone. They should help to demonstrate that angle.
If only I had some good relevant press contacts! LinkedIn is my new best friend – but networking takes time. Still, Rome wasn’t built in a day either so I am using this as a proverbial excuse to not rush.


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