Angry Birds Blown Up By T-Mobile

Just came across this video showing a live version of Angry Birds being played in Spain in May this year. It’s promoting T-Mobile’s smartphone brands. Quite an interesting concept to position their brand with the popular game. Once again, T-Mobile appeared to be the front runner in the use of viral internet videos and both the phone company and the game producers will have felt the positive impact the connection had on their brands. This is one good example how brand reputation building can be a great big show of fun.
It does remind me of the hay days of Red Bull using crazy events such as the flying days as a vehicle to create a brand philosophy around their energy drink that has since spread far beyond the realms of special events deep into the racing world and kept Redbull on the supermarket shelves.
Viral is still a very effective way to get a brand talked about. It’s perhaps one of the most honest forms of communication because the idea has to be truly brilliant, crazy or otherwise different to stand out enough to be contagious.


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  • Every so often, a video game hits the market that appeals to every type of player, no matter their age, gender or favorite game genre. Angry Birds is one of those games. Since its release in December 2009, its Finland-based development company, Rovio Mobile, has sold over 13 million copies.

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