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Cision and that Christmas Press Release

Cision is clever. They are a huge PR platform – but they do give you some freebies that make their brand talked about even by those (like myself) who can’t afford the subscription service.
They also run an interesting site that shows ‘journalist tweets’ – www.journalisttweets.com which can be useful if you can answer their questions or comment on specialist subjects.
Their Christmas guide is a nice little helper to hopefully get some coverage for the phone stands as a great stocking filler for the festive season.
I’ve written a press release introducing Standeazy as a gift, but next is creating a good image to go with it.
Standeazy Stands Up And Out From Dull Stocking Fillers
There is an easy choice for clever Christmas and party gifts.
Anyone owning a smartphone will know the abundance of applications from video chat to TV and movie streaming that benefit from hands-free use; but where is that fancy stand when one needs it out and about? Discover Standeazy, the credit card sized phone stand designed for smartphones and devices such as the iPod Touch.
When it comes to Christmas shopping, loved ones (and what to get them) can quickly turn into a dreaded nightmare. Another bundle of socks? A funny mug? Slippers? When it comes to not wanting to spend too much on a nifty gift, the choices become quickly limited and frustratingly dull. And all too often, the latest gadgets are already around the house anyway, so it’s a big head scratching season ahead of the festive one.
Holding a phone can be as simple as this: a credit card sized piece of Priplak® polypropylene engineered to work for different viewing angles in both portrait or landscape. It’s suitable for devices with or without protective cases.
And what’s really neat about this clever phone stand? It fits into any wallet so it’s right there to unfold – wherever the phone (and owner) may be.
Standeazy currently comes in eight different designs and with prices starting at £3.50 there is a stocking filler to be had that is clever and fun for every smart phone user in the family.
So now I have to start working those editorial calendars, create a good image and try to knock on some doors. Never done it, but we’ll see. It might be the best Christmas for this fledgling brand yet!


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