Getting the Hang of Standing Up – Progress for the Standeazy Brand

It’s been months since I last wrote about my Standeazy marketing journey. I tried a lot of different things and some are proving to be successful. Somebody mentioned on a podcast that starting a new business, it usually takes around 18 months for anyone to really take notice, but I think it also takes the entrepreneur or brand manager a while to figure out how to position the product, what marketing methods work best and which tools to use.

Airplane entertainment
Couldn't have flown without it!

After a stint of local networking, it became quickly apparent that Standeazy is going to need a wider reach than a local networking group can provide. Considering the time it takes to network ‘offline’, even after weeks of connecting with people it seemed that time was better spent to actually invest in some SEO.
So I embarked on the SEO journey and stumbled across a site that helps with back linking and gives you a free SEO report on your keywords with suggestions for on-site SEO. It cost about £10 per month and since following their suggestions, we have managed to appear on google for keywords we were on page 149 – now iPhone stand puts us on page 4 in the UK and page 6 in the US. There is more work to be done for sure but it shows it is possible. The final test for the SEO are sales from the website itself and they have gone up considerably since February so that’s something worth bearing in mind.
The site is called Clicksubmit and they have been very good with email response as well.
I started using PressKing for press release distribution and also created a page on our website with news and press releases. In December, we were featured in a Birmingham gift guide which again resulted in measurable sales from the local area so PR is a worthwhile time investment. As for the distribution services (I have tried GnosisArt via a special offer on GroupPrice and PressKing) I am less convinced.
B7Living Gift Guide
Getting some exposure

Far more (expensive) impressive are Vocus and PRWeb but they are unaffordable beyond the free trials.
Another great little tool I used to do some market research and to create content for press releases is Toluna.
On my list to try is social media platform roost – I am still unsure if it really is a good idea. I am trying to find someone who has used it and am still waiting back to hear from them why they need access to EVERYTHING in my FaceBook account. Why do they?
We set up a German outlet on and the stands are selling there far better than we ever expected! I am now having everything translated to tackle the French market as well, but even just the German market has made such a difference.
What has been really exciting though is that we just completed our first corporate order! It’s taken a while but it is for Warner Bros promoting their UltraViolet brand to retailers at a trade show.
iPhone Stand for Warner Bros
Custom design and print for Warner Bros – the UV Standeazy

02 UV Standeazy iPhone Stand
The phone stand from the back...

We’ve also just had another review published and a video which is a great compliment.
Here is a video and the link to the site
So, I am continuing the hunt for a top spot on Google and I am hoping that by slowly making valuable connections in the media industry, Standeazy will go from strength to strength in the coming months.


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