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Standeazy has a press clipping!


We made it into the Christmas guide of B7Living magazine! It’s only a small feature, but it’s a start and reflects the feedback we get from those that have seen the phone stand in action – a nifty little gadget…
What was interesting to see from a PR point of view was that we had increased sales from within the reach of the magazine for about two weeks which enables us to put a value on to the piece and can become part of a marketing strategy.
Happy Christmas!

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Ecademy and How to Write a Pitch

So what does a product need to go to market? A brand analysis. Tick. A strategy for its brand positioning in the market, its proposed dialogue with stakeholders, its social media engagement. Tick. A brand identity that captures the essence of the brand in a visually engaging manner. Thick. A website to start the dialogue (and sell the product). Tick. Packaging, a system of distribution and after sales care. Tick. The list goes on and there are more ticks in place – but also some big gaps appear on the scene.
A PR strategy. A way to contact buyers of B2B and B2C outlets. Search Engine Optimisation. Presence in relevant forums. Independent reviews of the product. And all this with no budget. Meet my Monday morning task list. No point in trying to run before I can walk , so this morning I concentrate on asking questions relating to approaching buyers.
I have long been a blackstar at Ecademy and the community has always been very helpful and professional, so off to the forum I go and ask my question. The answers are useful as always. There is a series of videos by Mike Harris talking about how to structure a pitch. I have a skype conversation lined up for Tuesday to chat to another blackstar about this – she did mention she thinks it’s a brilliant product so that is very encouraging.
Another reply from the owner of a merchandise business suggests that it will be very hard to pitch the product (the Standeazy phone stand that is) because the market already has a lot of different phone stands. So without having been able to view the videos talking about how to structure and develop a pitch, here is my attempt to explain why Standeazy is perfect as a promotional gift:

Proposed Sales Pitch for Promotional Gift Buyer

Standeazy phone stand abstract design with iphone and samsung
It's great for displaying a brand or message on the tab (here featuring the standeazy name)

What is it? Standeazy is a universal phone stand for smartphones or devices such as the iPod Touch with a special mechanism that makes it stable, yet portable and very easy to set up wherever you are. (Patent pending.) Standeazy is manufactured in the UK, made from Priplak® Polypropylene and is identically sized to a credit card which makes it easy to keep in your wallet.
Why should you care as a promotional gift seller? There are thousands of promotional products for the technology sector, at different price points and with different branding opportunities. However, Standeazy provides a unique credit card sized flat surface ready to carry the message of small or big brands – and because it fits in the wallet and is used time and time again in public, in the office or at home, this message gets maximum visibility.
The tab holding the phone provides a prominent place for a key message or brand identity.
When folded flat, the Standeazy acts as a business or marketing card.
It connects a brand with the ever-increasing smartphone market, and with a sense of clever, customer-friendly, innovative thinking.
Standeazy is not just a gadget a client may brand as their own, it is a marketing tool that is as cheap as a well-made business card and as practical as an expensive standard phone stand for hands-free use of smartphone applications.
So what is that smartphone stand stuff all about? Smartphones are becoming more and more part of the consumer and corporate lifestyle. Standeazy holds smartphones with or without protective cases in landscape or portrait mode.
This means, for instance, that hands-free video conferencing via Skype or FaceTime is possible wherever you are – without any expensive or time-consuming set up. In the office, apps such as Air Display greatly benefit from the phone stand, enabling users to shift toolbars or selected applications to one side without the need for a second monitor.
We’ve had mums and dads feedback that the stands are now an irreplaceable part of toddler entertainment keeping the little ones occupied with some kids’ videos whilst recharging the parental batteries – with the phone safely placed on the table, away from curious fingers.
We’ve seen our stands being used by patients in hospital watching videos as a diversion without having to hold their iPod – and by business people on the train watching movies on their iPhone to pass the journey time.
Being useful for both males and females, for professionals and families, young and old, Standeazy is an ideal promotional gift that is not seasonal and, unlike the majority of conventional gift items, displays a company’s brand/message ‘on the go’ rather than being left in the office or at home.
Solving a growing need of smartphone users for an ultra-portable phone stand, it gives your client a unique platform to address their stakeholders be it as a giveaway at an exhibition, a direct mail item or a ‘welcome’ gift.
———-the end———-
I am bracing myself for much appreciated feedback. I am not sure if this is too short, too long, too inconcise, if I need to mention the costs, the reviews, order times, etc. Curious to see what comes back…

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