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When Being NOT on Display is Actually a Compliment for Your Brand

We often talk about the brand as an asset and sometimes I wonder if it perhaps sounds a little bit fictitious or like typical marketing buzz word talk, so I am always on the lookout for examples of perceived brand value to see how it affects a product or service and how we interact with it.

A no-show as a sure sign of success

Once again using that local jewellers shop window as an example – it strikes me that some brands are clearly perceived to be worth more than others. Rolex? No need to advertise the watch itself and definitely not worth the risk of staying in the shop display during the mall’s closing time. MONTBLANC? Another product with just the bare bones of the watch holders kept on show and the actual goods nowhere to be seen.
Maurice Lacroix on the other hand seem to be in need of a better brand strategy (and perhaps they should really reconsider their choice of brand ambassador). Their products remain on display no matter what the risk.
Even if there is some simple insurance reason behind the empty shelves, it does differentiate Rolex and MONTBLANC as superior brands worth protecting with the extra effort of taking all the goods off the display when the shop shuts.
Ernest Jones are by no means a market stall, so it tells a funny little story about brand value. I wonder if the brand that are kept in sight of potential thieves and thus potentially deemed less tempting are aware of the perhaps unintentional brand differentiation.
For Rolex and MONTBLANC it’s surely another win – win situation in the luxury watch market and also shows how their logos alone are deemed brand communicators enough to warrant taking the products away despite plenty of out-of-hours foot traffic passing by.

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