You know you’ve made it as a brand if…

… you are part of this game from Drummond Park. It’s a Trivia board game that includes 400 cards with 1600 questions and has the aim to identify images and answer questions based on logos, products and packaging of the UK’s most well-known brands.
I’ve not been inspired to buy it to find out who’s in it – but from the packaging it looks like the major household brands are featured, including the likes of Heinz, Birds Eye, Walkers, Pampers, BMW and National Express.

Logo Game
Brands in a box - and the consumer's mind

It does make me smile considering how brand savvy we are these days – enough to persuade a games manufacturer to release a whole entertainment spiel surrounding brands. Are you in it? Should you be in it? Maybe it will have to go on my Christmas wish list!


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