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Essence is a specialist branding and marketing agency dedicated to the independent and boutique luxury hotel sector.

Regine Wilber
Kate Hollingsworth

Essence is a brand and design agency that partners with boutique hotels, golf courses, spas and related businesses to help them achieve their goals.

Our clients are independent venues offering luxury, high-quality service and facilities, looking to stand out in an increasingly competitive industry.

They appreciate that we are consultants who understand their core values and distinct appeal.

We take a holistic approach through all marketing channels

Essence believes the most effective branding is holistic. That’s why, once we have discovered what makes you you, who your ideal customer is, how and where you can reach them and what language your messaging needs to be to speak to them, we are really only at the beginning of an exciting marketing story.

We then develop a sophisticated multi-channel marketing strategy that is integrated into the overall business plan. We take your brand essence and transform it into an actionable plan that is aligned with your vision, mission, values, needs and goals.

    It’s all about creativity and style

    A lot of companies focus mainly on marketing to grow businesses. We focus on growing your brand in the luxury sector, ensuring you can demand premium prices for your outstanding venue and the experience of staying with you. 

    Your brand is what makes you unique from your competitors and from other hotels in your area.

    Essence works with each client to develop a stand-out brand that is memorable and ticks all the right boxes for your target market. From this, the marking naturally falls into place with beautiful designed visuals, stunning brand photography and enticing copywriting. 

    We will support you in all your print and online design requirements – with genuine passion and dedication to making your brand a success.

    We create luxury brands.