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Your web tech wrapped upYour web tech wrapped up
2021-03-19 13:04:33

Your web tech wrapped up

It’s geeky time again! Let’s talk web tech… If you have a website, you probably know there’s a lot more to the site itself. My clients won’t notice most of these extra things to think about when setting up a site.  And I’ve got a lot of little helpers that make the web process smooth sailing. Here’s a quick roundup of some of my faves.  Some are available as plugins especially for WordPress, which has so many little nifty tools. These here are all available as web services though so use whatever system you’re into. Adobe Color Looking for the perfect colour palette for your website…
International Womens' Day
2021-03-08 10:35:53

International Women’s Day

Today is international women’s day. It’s a day we always observed and celebrated back in the former East when I was a child. Our pen pals from Russia would send these amazing cards for …
hotel opening
2021-02-23 23:06:57

Hotel marketing ideas for the way out of the pandemic

Hotel marketing ideas may not be on your mind right now… but with the new timeline to opening up announced, it’s going to be critical in the coming weeks to secure much-needed bookings….
Press kits and how to create them for media
2021-02-07 22:18:12

What’s a media kit and how do I create one?

A media kit (or press kit) is a package of information relevant for the distribution of information for companies, charities or other organisations. They include facts about the people involved, th…
2021-01-16 19:43:00

Marketing Ideas for Hotels and Hospitality in 2021

Check out our top eight marketing ideas your hotel or hospitality business could look at to keep in touch with customers whilst localities remain shut.
2021-01-14 19:10:49

Kiss your brand

K.I.S.S. stands for Keep It Simple Stupid. It’s a a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy back in 1960. If you are a linguist, you may just need to ignore the obvious flaw in the abbreviati…
2020-12-01 20:57:00

What colour should I make my brand identity and logo?

Emily Cleevely What colour should I make my brand identity and logo? You’re trying to design the logo for your brand or thinking about a colourway for your virtual and printed copy.  How …
2020-11-29 21:58:00

Brand colour swatches and why they matter

Have you ever wondered why so many companies of a certain type use a certain colour in their brand identity? And how it gives you a funny feeling when you see one that just doesn’t kinda fit? Most of the popular brand colours make sense in one way or another – with blue being the […]
2020-11-22 08:53:20

Tech, branding and ducks

I just mentioned a paragraph I have in our brand strategy workbook to my other half, techy Steve, and he taught me yet another new thing. Duck typing! (“Duck typing in computer programming is an application of the duck test—”If it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it must be […]
2020-11-18 18:47:38

How to add Adobe fonts to Spark

If you want to add Adobe fonts to your Adobe spark app to use in branded content and you think the obvious route is to go to ‘brand’ and add the font there, you may look in despair. Of course you can add your own fonts, but that involves uploading the font files – which […]
What is a logo
2020-11-12 21:40:24

What is a logo?

A brand is not a logo. A logo is not a brand.  “A logo is the gateway to the brand.” Milton Glaser Weirdly, in some ways the brand used to be a logo. Going back to the origins of branding, when farmers would burn their mark onto animals to identify them as part of their […]
2020-11-01 15:16:44

What is an aperture

Both in photography and in typography, the aperture describes an opening. In cameras, its size correlates with how much light goes in. In typography, it’s closely related to what’s called a counter. As per Wikipedia, a counter is the area of a letter that is entirely or partially enclosed by a letter form or a […]
Serif fonts classification
2020-10-25 19:32:56

Serif Typefaces and their lesser-known sub classes

A serif is not a serif, so there are sub categories, pointing to the origin of each class. Serifs can be categorised as Venetian, Old Style (Geralde), Transitional, New Transitional, Modern, Slab Serif and Wedge Serif. Serif type has its origin in a necessary artefact of stone masonry where Latin words were carved into stone […]
Find your way around online
2020-10-14 21:50:04

Navigating Online

If anyone ever had any doubt, this year must have shown to businesses of all sizes and varieties that the world is happening online. And as a business, it’s ever more important to give customers a great brand experience when you can’t be there face to face.

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