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A shortcut to building bridges

When you are in photoshop and want to just quickly open bridge to look at a bunch of pictures you may want to use, it’s a little shortcut that comes in handy: Command + Shift + O. It’s a bit weird cause it looks like nothing happens but then it pops up.

Why would you use bridge?

Bridge is a digital asset manager, or a media manager, which kind of sums it up. It also implies that it’s not just for photos, but for any creative assets, videos or sounds etc. You can view, sort, rate and assess your media in a number of views. The name Bridge gives it away as well – it’s not just a companion for photoshop, it works for InDesign and Illustrator and other Adobe tools, too. Like a bridge over hopefully not troubled water…

Here is a link to Adobe Bridge if you want to have a snoop around.

Regine Wilber

I am a passionate designer and fashion lover. In my free time, I spend a lot of time writing, exercising and cuddling my cat.

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